Industrial Safety Our Responsibility Accidents hurt - safety doesn't. Know safety, no injury.  No safety, know injury. Safety never takes a holiday. If safety is a joke, then death is the punchline. Safety First is Safety Always Precaution is better than cure.
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01. Head Protection
02. Face Protection
03. Eye Protection
04. Ear Protection
05. Respiratory Protection
06. Hand Protection
07. Industrial Garments
08. Foot Protection
09. Fall Protection
10. Accessories
11. Safety Signs
12. High Temperature Textiles
13. Gas Detectors & Monitors
14. Tool Belts
15. Fire Safety
16. Special Hazards

About Us

Amaravati Enterprises - Industrial Safety Our Responsibility

We are one of India's largest Manufacturing and Trading Company for a wide range of safety products.

Based in Chennai, Kolkota & Jamshedpur we cater to a large number of Industries, Institutions, Hospitals, R&D Laboratories, Engineering Companies etc.

We at Amaravati Enterprises believe that the life and limb of an industrial worker is very important to the worker as well as to the industry. Hence we have devoted the last 15 years trying to provide equipments towards the protection of the same.

Safety Tips Of The Day !

Safety is not only the worker's right, it is also your responsibility.

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Director's Message

I am willing to take action, even when there is risk involved.

I plan for the worst — but expect the best.

I am acquainted with failure, and it doesn't scare me.

To me, innovation sounds exciting, not spooky.

I want to reach my potential and my dream, so I'm willing to walk out on the ledge a bit.

I'm working to succeed, not to avoid making mistakes.

I'd rather face uncomfortable things head-on and grow in the process rather than remain small.

My motto is "Imperfect Action." I'd rather act and then correct than wait until something is perfect before taking action.

I agree with the saying, "Change is good. Through it, we discover a more complete sense of ourselves.”